Every year, five female cancer survivors make dreams and goals that seemed unattainable come true by embarking on a great sporting challenge in some of the most remote places on Earth, headed by leading figures in the country’s scientific and sporting spheres.


Pelayo Seguros sponsors the Pelayo Vida Challenge, with the support of the Universo Mujer programme of the Higher Sports Council. Every year, it promotes a new challenge of personal growth starring five female cancer survivors, hence showing its support and commitment to all women fighting this disease, which is one of the priorities of its CSR.


We want to convey a message of personal growth to all women who have overcome cancer and especially to those who are fighting their own “challenge” against this disease.


More than 1,780 female cancer survivors from all over Spain and of different nationalities have already taken part in the Pelayo Vida Challenge. Among the different acknowledgements received during previous editions, we highlight the personal support of HM Queen Letizia, the special mention from NASA for scrupulous observance of the rules of “International Polar Expeditions”, in terms of respect for the environment, or the Juan Sebastián Elcano award granted by the Spanish Navy on the occasion of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Magellan-Elcano circumnavigation of the world.

We are proud of these acknowledgements, which represent the values of the Pelayo Vida Challenge: personal growth, teamwork, responsibility and respect for the environment.


The Pelayo Vida Challenge endorses the causes of organisations and foundations fighting cancer on many fronts, making their messages, objectives and activities visible and disseminating them. We turn them into examples for everyone through our expeditions, so that they can reach the general public and raise awareness about cancer.


  • Makers & Shakers Awards 2022 Nominees
  • Juan Sebastián Elcano Award
  • Aviva Innovation Award
  • EFI CSR Award Nomination
  • Marketing and Communication Award for Best Sponsorship Campaign
  • NASA Mention Award to Pelayo Vida Polar Challenge for preserving the environment and the poles
  • Actualidad Económica Award for the 100 best business ideas.
  • Woman of the year. Madrid Award
  • Marketing and communication AWARD in the insurance sector