In this edition and thanks to the CRIS Against Cancer Foundation, we give you the opportunity to join the fight against this disease by collaborating with your donation in research projects that improve current treatments and give you a better chance of healing from cancer.

The CRIS Against Cancer Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation exclusively carrying out research against this disease (in adults and children) with funds raised from individuals and companies.

Specifically, we encourage you to collaborate in funding the immunotherapy programme that is being developed within the ovarian and breast research projects promoted by CRIS, whose aim is to find effective therapies for the most aggressive tumours. These projects have shown that immunotherapy, treatments that unblock what prevents the immune system from fighting cancer, are highly effective for these two types of cancer for which there is currently no alternative.

This project, promoted by the Pelayo Vida Challenge, will support the San Carlos Clinical Hospital Unit and the Salamanca Cancer Research Centre (CIC). The principal investigators of the project are Dr Alberto Ocaña and Dr Atanasio Pandiella, both internationally renowned medical researchers and two leading figures in breast cancer research.

Both doctors have begun to jointly develop a new immunotherapy project in triple negative breast tumours and aggressive ovarian tumours, using cutting-edge molecular and genetic analysis tools to identify elements on the surface of cancer cells that differentiate them from healthy ones. This has led to the identification of three potential targets for antibodies loaded with drugs, specifically designed to attack malignant cells. “A sort of guided missile loaded with the specific drug that can kill the tumour cell.”

Marta Cardona, director of the CRIS Against Cancer Foundation, states that “investing in cancer research is investing in life”, whereas Pelayo Seguros agrees with this statement. Thus, the eighth edition of the Pelayo Vida Challenge will feature this charity aspect to support research and give visibility to the need for research to save lives, thanks to these cancer survivors who dare to take on the adventure of the Pelayo Vida Challenge.

How can you participate in this research fundraiser? It is easy!

  • Send an SMS with the word RETO (challenge) to 28014
  • Enter here and make your donation online.

Thank you very much for your support. Together we will once again win the battle against cancer thanks to research!